Canadian Repair Services

How to Send Product in for Repair in Canada

Due to import and export laws, repairs originating from Canadian addresses must be sent to Bushnell Canada. Canadian customers please contact 1-800-361-5702.

What to Include

Repair Process

Your unit once received by Bushnell will be routed to a technician, logged into our system and assigned a repair number. A postcard with a repair number as a receipt of verification will be mailed to you. The status of your repair can be checked on the website. A technician will evaluate your repair to determine what repairs are needed or if it is deemed a warranty replacement.

If your unit is NOT covered by warranty an estimate will be mailed to you. You have 45 days to respond by accepting or declining, if you accept payment can be in the form of a money order, credit card or check. Warranty replacement repairs will be sent out at no charge and you will receive no additional correspondence.

Shipping Information

Send to Bushnell Canada by a insured trackable courier such as Canada Post, UPS.

Bushnell Outdoor Products Canada
Attention: Repair Department
140 Great Gulf Drive
Unit #B
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
L4K 5W1

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