U.S. Repair Services

Instructions to send your product in for repair - US RESIDENTS ONLY.

* NOTICE: Due to U.S. import and export laws, repairs originating outside of the U.S. cannot be shipped to the U.S. service center. Please contact the nearest subsidiary office that services your area for shipping information.

What to Include

Shipping Instructions

Repair Process

Once your product is entered into the system, we will mail you a postcard with your lab repair number. This usually takes 2-3 weeks from the date your product arrived. Once you receive your lab repair number, please check the status using the form at the top of this page or call Customer Service at 800-423-3537.

If your product is covered under warranty, the service center has the option to repair or replace your product. You will receive no additional correspondence by mail.

If your product is considered outside of warranty, an estimate letter will be mailed to you stating the cost of the repair or replacement. You will have 20 days to respond, either accepting or declining the recommendation. If you accept, you can pay for the repair or replacement by check, money order or credit card (American Express, Discover, Visa or MasterCard) by mail or phone. If you decline to pay for repairs your product will be returned as is.

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